The Cateress Milling Company (KFCL's milling company) produces high quality first grade sifted maize flour, otherwise known as "Cateress". Cateress milling uses both Swiss and Italian technology to separate the 1st quality flour into 2 distinct brands.

MPISHII is the flagship brand that is very popular throughout the greater Nairobi area extending into Central, Rift Valley and Eastern provinces.

CATERESS, possessing the same name as the milling company itself has the richest and finest of the three unga brands, is specially prepared in its own dedicated mill. This mill, although having a smaller capacity, is capable of producing an unrivaled quality of maize flour, due to the mills single floor design and specialized fluting of the rolls. CATERESS mainly impacts the Nairobi City area and can be found in all Uchumi's and most major Nairobi super-markets.



The Cateress Milling Company owns and operates 2 separate mills. Italian made which is used to produce the high-end CATERESS brand. Roncanglia, the Italian makers of this mill have a very well known and respected name throughout the milling community.

The main mill, which produces MPISHI brand, is made in Switzerland. Buhler AG, the makers of the mill are, without doubt, the unprecedented leaders in milling machinery and technology. Buhler (East Africa) works closely with KFCL, offering technical advice, quality control and continued preventative maintenance. KFCL's Buhler mill is the only mill of its kind throughout all of East Africa, having the highest output/machinery ratio (the highest capacity with the fewest amount of machinery). For those who know milling, they would be shocked to discover that KFCL's Buhler mill operates at very high extraction rates, has a relatively large capacity with the use of only one roller-mill and does not even utilize a purifier. For this reason, Buhler and KFCL continue to maintain very good relations since, in the words of Buhler East Africa's Managing Director, "KFCL's mill is Buhler's show piece for East Africa."





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